Silvio Mastrodascio

mastrodascio-bioMastrodascio astonishes once again when he presents a more a la page aspect of shrewd modernity. In these sculptures, bronze and stone combine to form a seductive meshing of materials and chiaroscuro contrasts, a technique employed to enhance the significance of the artistic message. The elegant intertwining of colours and materials contributes in emphasizing the symbolic value of the message that drives the portrayal.€ – Maurizio Calvesi.

Alessandro Bianchi

bianchi-bioThe talented Alessandro Bianchi takes a close look at the differences between photography and painting in his latest works with his attempts to capture classical sculpture-like forms on canvas. He believes that the photographic essence of painting lies in its ability to catch the authentic meaning of classical sculpture: the attempt to petrify the life€. Through a cautious and unusual usage of lights and shadows, Alessandro highlights the actuality of the form, and sends a message that presents an aspiration to the divine€.

Daphne Pittana of Rowen

pittana-bioDaphne designed and created a collection of limited edition prints, silk scarves & leather bags for Rowen. The collection was inspired largely by music, travel and individual expression. The Rowen vision is rooted in humble luxury. Daphne’s creations are refreshingly authentic, elegant and timeless.

Milenna Saraiva

saraiva-bioMilenna was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. “Mimi” comes from a family of musicians and artists who have really inspired and motivated her. Milenna primarily works with oil paint on canvas and on wood but is constantly experimenting with new mediums such as video projections on a painted canvas, drawing, sculpture and some collage. In Milenna’s latest series called “Psychoactive Renderings” she explores the absolute right side of the brain with acrylic and ink drawings.

Brad Firmino

firmino-bio“Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was always drawing as a kid. I remember the first time I discovered coloured pencil crayons and fell in love with the effects I could create with them. I grew up on the West Coast of Canada, in Vancouver and one thing I always admired living there were the reflections from the rain-soaked streets; those reflections continue to penetrate my creations till this day.”

Gordan Novak

novak-bioMaster print-maker Gordan Novak is of Novak Graphics Studio located in Admiral, Saskatchewan and is well known for his work with Canadian First Nations artist, Carl Beam. Novak has been conducting international printmaking workshops in China where artists from around the world including China, Japan Croatia, Germany, France, United Sates, Canada, and elsewhere gathered to produce prints. Novak chooses to specialize in monotype printmaking for these occasions and one by one he works directly with each artist as they move through the processes to find their expression. The energy is electric and the work inspired and the results are wonderful.

Misha Masek

masek-bioMisha is an avid traveller, a naturalistic observer and a passionate photographer. Her photography offers a glimpse into clamorous souls, in landscapes of slumping buildings, pooling sewage, mustard coloured air and widespread shanty towns. She captures both desperation and romanticism in sequestered neighbourhoods and then swiftly shifts her concentration to the calculated precision of the pyramids, soaring skyscrapers of Dubai and gentle giant highlands of Asia.

Viktor Mitic

mitic-bioUniversity of Toronto graduate Viktor Mitic was classically trained in art schools in Europe and has produced a major body of work that spans a career of over two decades. He has recently developed a distinctive, some would say provocative, method; he paints portraits of international iconic images and later shoots the outline of the figures using various weapons and live ammunition. Moved by the destruction of the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan – ancient artwork created in the 6th century – Mitic makes a bold statement and uses a symbol of 21st century, a gun, as a method of creation.


JJ Holland


Born in 1940 in St. Catherine’s, Ontario, John Jeffery Holland spent the first ten years of his life in Baie Comeau, Quebec, moving with his family to New England in 1950, where he has lived off and on over the years . His talents in Drawing and Painting led him to be mentored in Vancouver, B.C., by Jack Shadbodlt, to St. John, New Brunswick, by Jack Humphrey, Montreal, Quebec by Arthur Lismer of the Group of Seven. He also studied in France and The Netherlands.

Dara Aram


Artists, since time immemorial, have conveyed their message with images rather than logical, linear statements. Dara Aram’s art does precisely this. It is a journey into the imaginary realms of the unconscious. The abstract forms and mythological themes that emerge on his canvas serve as an inspiration to modern industrialized man, who urgently needs to reconnect with his lost soul.

Heimo Christian Haikala


“I take inspiration from my life long interests in everything from chess to current events in the news to medieval stained glass to “life in general”, and combine it with the classical figure drawing and painting that formed the basis of my art college education. I am trying to paint the human condition. The paintings are combinations of colour fields and candid illuminations of our times.”