Artist: Liz Ramos Anderson

Medium: Paint

The Peach Gallery Exhibit: Stillness / Multitudes


“Painting is one of my favorite endeavors. When I paint, I’m truly present. Being creative is vital to my happiness and peace of mind.”​

– Liz Ramos Anderson


Liz was born in Detroit, Michigan and she moved to Toronto at the age of eleven. Her mother Nancy acquired a talent agency called Trainco. Liz immediately joined the roster of actors and did her first professional acting job at the age of twelve.

By the age of seventeen, Liz knew that acting was not for her, so she took a gig as a casting assistant. By the age of nineteen, she opened her own casting company and it thrived. Wanderlust and opportunity inspired Liz to move to Los Angeles, then New York, but after a couple of years, Liz returned to her favourite city, Toronto, and founded Powerhouse Casting with Kim Everest.

Bored of casting film and television, Liz became enamoured with the field of voice-over. She considered voice-over actors to be more relaxed and unconcerned with physical aesthetics. Plus, they made her laugh, appeared to have more free time than on-camera actors, and drove really nice cars.
Liz hung up her casting hat and returned to acting, but this time, with anonymity.

She has been making a living as a voice-over actor for the past sixteen years and considers it the best job she’s ever had in the industry.

Liz has been an avid collector of original art for many years. In 2010, Liz and her husband, Zach Anderson, moved into a home with high ceilings. There was far too much wall space too accommodate their small collection, nor did they have the budget required to fill those walls with work of artists they admired, like Claude Monet, Jackson Pollock or Jean Pierre LaFrance.

That’s when Liz taught herself how to paint. For the first few years, she painted for herself and gifted art to her friends and family. Then, word got out and she started doing commission work for interior designers and had several showings at some very important, yet unconventional places, like her doctor’s office and sound studios. Next to her husband and voice work, painting is one of Liz’s greatest passions.

Liz lives in downtown Toronto with her husband of fourteen years.