Artist: Dara Aram

Medium: Paint

The Peach Gallery Exhibits: Eternal Light / Dara Aram – Solo Show / August 2012 – Group Show / October 2012 – Group Show



“During my painting career, I have produced and experimented with figurative, abstract, landscape and installation techniques. The past subjects have included the Environment combining Children and Women’s oppressive struggles in various political situations.

Following my graduation from the Suleymani Institute of Fine Arts in Kurdistan, I studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. I have recently attended the Artist-Educator Foundation Course at the Royal Conservatory.

In past works I have used mixed media to portray human rights events; various metals to create installations, photo montage and acrylic paints; sculpture materials to build life-sized figures; Thick layers of textured, acrylic paints mixed with gel provide the background for my subjects. My search for meaning in past projects has found hope and inspiration in the motifs of Mesopotamian history and mythology.  Mesopotamia, from the Greek meaning “between two rivers,”  also known as the “Cradle of Civilization, clearly maintains a vital and crucial place in the destiny of humankind.

Artists, since time immemorial, have conveyed their message with images rather than logical, linear statements. In this series, my new works in progress attempt to portray a journey into the imaginary realms of the unconscious.  I hope that the mystical images, forms and environmental themes that are emerging in these paintings will serve as an inspiration to modern, industrialized man, who urgently needs to reconnect with his lost soul, a soul that lies languishing under the weight of our modern, cold, corporate world where profits and statistics reign supreme over the human spirit and the environment.”