Artist: Brandy Zellweger

Medium: Photography

The Peach Gallery Exhibit: The Way I See It

Website: @brandyzellweger


Brandy Zellweger (nee Stone) was born in 1975, in Denton, Texas. At the tender age of four, Brandy began to experience blinding headaches. After six months of tests, she was diagnosed with “Pseudo Tumor Cerebri”, which is now known as “Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, (IIH)”. IIH is a condition that occurs when pressure inside the skull increases for no apparent reason.

At age ten, Brandy lost peripheral vision. Permanently.

This didn’t stop Brandy from attending Oklahoma Baptist University. She graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education and went on to teach elementary school for eight years.

Despite living with chronic pain, and bouts of depression, Brandy’s Christian faith and her relationship with God has pulled her through some emotionally treacherous times, and continues to do so. Without her faith, Brandy may not be here today.

Brandy met her husband Drew, and they were married in Fiji two years later. Brandy and Drew, (with the help of Brandy’s loving mother, Judy Stone), live a low-key, private life in Connecticut, raising two lovely, healthy children under the age of twelve.

Brandy started photographing her children on her iPhone. She quickly realized she loved taking photos. Photography gave Brandy life force. She considers it a great escape. She has a rare talent as a photographer. What started as a hobby grew, as many recipients of her photos would comment on how good her work was.

– Liz Ramos-Anderson