Artist: Joseph Amaral

Medium: Photography

The Peach Gallery Exhibit: 500 Years – The Romeiros of São Miguel


“A good photo tells a story… you look at it and think, What’s happening to that person? What’s the next part of their story? It’s like turning over a rock and seeing a whole world underneath.”

– Joseph Amaral


A commercial photographer specializing in editorial and corporate photography, Joseph Amaral is recognized for his evocative black-and-white imagery and use of light.

In 2012, he travelled to São Miguel, journeying throughout the archipelago to compile a book, Over the Hills and Far Away, that would celebrate the spirit of a people and the rich cultural traditions of the island of São Miguel.

His work has been exhibited at Scotiabank’s CONTACT Photography Festival, xPose, Academia das Artes dos Açores and in numerous publications.