Highlight – Sandra Carusi

Highlight – Sandra Carusi

Sandra Carusi’s first time performing stand up was in the early 90s at Yuk Yuks Search for Canada’s Funniest New Comic and placed in the semi finals. She continued to perform throughout the Greater Toronto Area at various comedy clubs and events opening for such stars as Russell Peters. Sandra began working in Toronto commercial radio and after a long hiatus returned to performing stand up comedy. Her ability to improvise with the audience and adjust the material to appeal to  the audience is Sandra’s strongest skill leaving all audiences laughing. She enjoys performing at corporate events and fundraisers and had the joy of opening for Sting  at a private  fundraiser. Sandra’s talent can definitely fill seats at a show or maybe its because they are mostly related to her.

Sandra joins The Peach Gallery as host of Peach Radio’s new comedy show, The Art of Comedy.


April 2nd, 2015

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