Camoes Radio

camoes-radio-logoCamoes Radio provides listeners with cutting edge access to all types of cultural information and content, including sports, world news, food, community and cultural event coverage as well as traditional and modern Portuguese music.

Viana Roofing

Viana Roofing LogoViana Roofing undertakes work in institutional, industrial, residential and commercial construction. VIANA Roofing has completed many major projects successfully, and continues to be a major force in the roofing industry in Ontario.

Blue Moth Creative

blue-moth-logoBlue Moth Creative is an artistic turn-key organization that produces web design, audio, video and photography. Unique style, natural simplicity and creative ingenuity entwine to spin the fabric of each of their creations.

Vitamin Drip

logoVitamin Drip – your life, just better. When you receive an “IV” Vitamindrip the nutrients enter your bloodstream directly and immediately to help the body to begin healing itself. You get a high concentrations of nutrients delivered directly to your body’s cells through intravenous therapy, allowing your body to better absorb and utilize these nutrients.

Toute Suite

toutesuiteEstablished in 2011, Toute Suite Custom decor offers a fresh approach to decorating your home with high-quality and fully customizable Canadian-made furniture and accessories. We invite you to come and see why we’re the best way in the GTA to express your style.

Innovative Fitness

innovativeMore than just “lifting weights,” at Innovative Fitness, we are about lifestyle management. We have built a tailored and collective approach to better match our training coaches to YOU, maximizing our working relationship.

Product Toronto

Product TorontoPRODUCT is a fresh, Toronto-based, print magazine that profiles and celebrates local success stories across all industries. Unlike other magazines, PRODUCE never reviews or criticizes. It only features the inspiring people, places, and things that make our city great. Our readers trust PRODUCT to introduce them to the best that Toronto has to offer.

PRODUCT has a monthly distribution of at least 10,000 print copies. We are distributed locally to professionals in the city of Toronto. The PRODUCT magazine reader is a conscious member of their city.

Cusimano Architect

Cusimano Architect LogoCusimano Architect is a dedicated professional consulting practice providing services in design, architecture, planning, and building science. The practice was founded on a dedication to design excellence uncompromised by the implementation of appropriate state of the art building systems and technology, delivered on time and on budget. Beyond the theoretical aspects of the design process they also focus on the more pragmatic issues which deal with the business and economics of building.

McKenzie Design House

McKenzie Design HouseMcKenzie Design House is a full-service design firm with a team of professionals talented in the creation of architectural designs, space planning, green building practices, interior décor and soft furnishings. Drawing from over twenty years of experience in residential, commercial and private health care industries, Principal Christine McKenzie brings deep creative insight to every project and takes pride in delivering highly evolved designs to her clients.

Gallery Moos

Gallery MoosSince its opening in May 1959, Gallery Moos has introduced and shown more than 530 fine artists throughout their 50 years in business, including renowned masters of the 20th century. Over the past half-century, Gallery Moos has consistently brought local and emerging talent to a wider audience, while exposing the art-going public of the city to international perspectives.


Balance LogoBalance, established in the fall of 2001, seamlessly combines health and fitness in a soul-soothing, spa-like atmosphere. Their members appreciate uncompromising attention to detail, stylish aesthetic, unparalleled service and support, and discrete professionalism. For this, they have been rewarded with being the health club of choice for discerning individuals in the community who seek a more enlightened fitness experience.

Tease Hair Lounge

High-end hair care in Mississauga. Welcome to Tease Hair Salon, where top end talent meets a friendly and fun atmosphere. Our Professional team of Stylists offer over 15 years of experience in hair color, cutting, styling, straightening, extensions and makeup. Our stylists are renowned for their expertise in the industry having worked in editorial, Print, Television, Pageants and more. You are in good hands with the Tease team.

Ara Azzurro


Ara Azzurro Espresso delivers the highest degree of taste, with no bitterness or aftertaste. All the product offerings are packaged in a vibrant bag designed with a one way valve to provide degassing of the coffee beans, because the product is fresh packed at their facility 8hrs after roasting. The thick “crema” is distinctive and indicates the right degree of blend and roasting. They have now established a quickly growing network of over 500 outlets in Canada and the US where their coffee can be purchased.

GP8 Water

GP8’s Enhanced Solubility Water contains up to 400% as much dissolved oxygen as untreated water. GP8 is believed to improve oxygen delivery through the circulatory system by promoting more efficient oxygen transfer through the plasma. Committed to serious athletes, GP8 Oxygen Water is 100% additive-free and contains no chemical by-products resulting from the purification process.